Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wishlist: 2010 Resolution

A new day will come :)

Finally, 2010..
As u guys, Im hoping for the very best of everything..
Health, Love of family & friends, Wealth, Happiness & Joy!

Instead, here is my New Year’s wish list:

1. Be more focus on my new marriage life ~ My Hubby
2. Also focus on my last semester of study..InsyaAllah :)
3. Maintain a healthy life - jogging, exercise & maintain weight
4. Become richer.. ;p Aminn..
5. Travelling @ Honeymoon >,<
6. Preparing myself to start working this coming mid-year
7. Wish for a new camera..can huh Mr Hubby? (xmau yg digital okey ;p)
8. Wish that I will work in Peninsular..ohh..pliz..pliz..pliz..
9. New house, new car..
and last...
10. Baby :) Badrulshah @ Batrisya?

Btw, may u all be blessing for the new year..
Enjoy each day okey! :)

BisikChenta: Tercapaikah?


  1. huu.. manyak wish dia. semuge cepat dpt baby eh. batrisya cam cumel jek? hehe..

    epi new year sis! ^_^

  2. capiqa: hehe..wish je..dpt tak dpt kite tunggu..batrisya mmg cumel, mcm mak die..hehe..

    Pia: u too..Heppy New Year!

  3. i think i'll go for badrulshah.let the first bb is boy so that he can take care of his sister.hehe..but batrisya also can be a good sista too.hehe =)

    p/s:still ralat sbb xdapat tlg mase ko kawen.can i make up someday? about dinner treat at bonga?hehe

  4. ohh..its ok la pn aze..
    :) ust pray 4 my happiness lol~

    huhu..anything dear..
    xkesah pown mane2.. :)

  5. congrats sis..salam thn baru..wahh..akak suka sgt color theme for ur n black..cntik...pe2 pun semoga tercapai impian n azam thn baru ni yer...

  6. congrats yang, baru jumper ur blog =).u look stunning

  7. sis Chumell: thanks :)

    Nahwal: thanks follow my blog :)


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