Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wishlist: Maserati kottttt!

Selamat pagi semua!! Aku bangun pagi nie,penuh syukur..demam dah takde, pening pun dah macam takde..Harap2 aku dah fully recovered laa..Huhu..Tapi rahang aku still sakit lagi..Mungkin kene bagi bbrape hari lagi utk pulih kot..insyaALLAH.. =)

Aku bangun pagi nie, dikejutkan oleh si Chenta hati aku..ntah ape heppy semacam je die..pastu aku pun wat lawak,menang loteri ke..kalo menang loteri leh belikan aku kereta sebijik..haha..cakap pasal kereta, aku menyimpan hasrat dan impian tuk memiliki kereta mewah suatu hari nanti..Itu pun kalo ade rezeki lebih laa..kalo tak pakai je la ape yg ade..

Ape2pon, aku nak share jugak kereta idaman aku yg sekarang nie ade kat showroom Naza Italia kat PJ tue.. (alaaa..kat tepi Federal Highway tue..) Kat situ ade showroom baru yg menayangkan kereta idaman aku nie.. MASERATI Grand Turismo..Haiyyooo..setiap kali lalu situ,aku mesti tak lepas pandang kereta nie...Bile la nak dapat kereta mewah camnie...

(MASERATI - Excellence Through Passion)

Alamak aiiii...meleleh aku nengok..memang la org cakap rugi beli kereta 2 pintu nie..tapi yg 2 pintu nie kalo beli 4 my own satisfaction..bukan nak bawak anak beranak sumbat sume dlm kereta nie..

(MASERATI Grand Turismo, Garand Turismo S Automatic - Exterior)

Aku share sket petikan ayat daripada official webpages MASERATI nie..Bace pun dah tau performance n luxury-nye kete nie..

FACTS abaout MASERATI Grand Turismo
♥ The Maserati GranTurismo expresses dynamic tension and a sporty edge: the large oval grille, the bodywork that seems to be drawn tight over the frame like a figure hugging dress, right down to the rear flanks.
♥ A chrome Trident logo is suspended in its center. The front headlights are an aggressive addition to the radically sloping front bumper, a stylistic element that has long distinguished Maserati coupés.
♥ The bonnet’s classic ‘V’ shape is a feature that is echoed throughout the car.
♥ The traditional Maserati design element of three chrome-ringed air vents set behind the front wheels lend the GranTurismo an even more vibrant feel.
♥ The elegant shape concludes at the rear light cluster, featuring LED lights, in a daring triangle. Wide aerodynamic diffusers sit under the sculpted bumper.
♥ The styling themes continue inside the cabin. Inside the V design element can be seen in the dashboard below the Maserati clock, and is also picked up in the seat design, uniting the interior and exterior.
♥ The Maserati GranTurismo is powered by an eight cylinder 4,244 cc V90° engine, one that is part of the company’s new range of power units
Compact and light, the cylinder heads are made of aluminium alloy and silicon. The 32 valves are actioned by two overhead camshafts per bank while the overhead camshafts on the aspirated side are controlled by a low pressure, continual phase variator.
♥ The lubrication system features a wet sump, which means a reduction in noise, making the cabin an even quieter place to be.
♥ The acceleration provided by the Maserati V8 is immediate, and, thanks to the electronic ‘drive by wire’ throttle control, the car responds to even the slightest touch on the pedal.
♥ Gear changes can be made right up to 7200 rpm, a rate that no other automatic transmission in the world can match.
♥ The 11 speakers have been designed especially for the car’s interior and deliver concert hall levels of performance.
♥ The sports profile front seats are roomy and can be controlled electronically while the ‘Easy Entry’ system shifts both seats to make getting in hassle free. All in all it is a spacious and sophisticated place to be.
♥ There are 4 function modes: Auto Normal is for comfortable cruising, Auto Sport is for those who like a sportier, more involving drive, Auto ICE is for low grip conditions and then there is Manual mode. In manual, it is the driver who chooses when to change gear via the steering wheel paddles.
Luxury is united with ergonomics and comfort, an enthralling combination that can be appreciated in the satisfying scent of the leather, the precious wood and the detail of the stitching.
♥ The luggage space that can hold two regular sized golf bags or the exclusive five-piece luggage set created especially for the Maserati GranTurismo by Salvatore Ferragamo.

(MASERATI Grand Turismo - Interior)

Hmm..amacam?? kadang2 aku terfikir,manela diorang yg beli kete nie dapat duit banyak2,ape keje diorang?Banyak sangat la duit diorg nie..Harga die kalo korang nak tau, lebih kurang RM 900,000 tau..Mane la nak dapat duit beli kete camnie??

Xpe2..aku percaya pada rezeki yang Allah beri..bersyukur apa yg ada,kalo dapat rezeki lebih tue Alhamdulillah la kan..Dan aku percaya kalau kita berangan tak salah,sbb dr anagn2 tue la kite akan lebih bermotivasi...Chewwah!! (tapi betul laa..aku dah byk kali buat,dan ape yg aku angan2kan tercapai,walaupon lmbat sket...) Doa2la satu hari nanti aku dapat pakai kete nie...Amin.. =)
ps: Bile la nak kaye gilerrr..Tunggu dapat rezeki bergolek kot..Tunang aku ckap,bile demam,macam2 aku ngidam yer! haha..


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